Here Are the 100 Best Songs of the 2010s Get ready for the ultimate throwback with our playlist. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Dance Songs of the 2010s. It's a masterpiece.". The song's narrative builds and smolders, gradually, until the climactic lament ("Take me home!") While "212" lacks a traditional structure, it does boast the best beat drop of the decade. "The boastful first few bars of Ocean's new song might be the coldest, gayest, and most securely masculine flex in the history of rap," Austin Williams wrote for The Undefeated after its surprise release. "Style" is the album's pièce de résistance. It's one of those rare tracks that gets more and more addictive the longer you listen. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. With that one simple refrain, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon creates something akin to a religious awakening. It's the kind of earnest, transcendent love song that queer kids have craved for decades. ", "Everyone has done it first. At the beginning of … Brockhampton is a remarkably prolific boy band, but this deep cut from their first-ever mixtape has remained a standout. 75 on the Billboard Hot 100). Worship at your leisure. Sign up for our newsletter. Ocean's voice becomes slightly distorted, pitched higher than before. No other song illustrates the album's transcendence better than "Cranes in the Sky," a shimmering ode to nurturing your own soul in a chaotic and unjust world. From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years. Wake up, DRANK! The central message of the song is at turns regretful and smug. But here was Beyoncé, nearly two years after welcoming her first child, seducing her husband in the back of a limo. You might think you've gotten sick of this song, and then you hear it again and you're subconsciously head-bobbing the entire time. Even as we whine and pine for new music from our High Priestess of punk-pop, no one needs reminding anymore who's in charge. It's also the best her voice has ever sounded, showcasing her impressive range to the point that some people thought it was recorded by two different singers. But it has also become a poetic symbol of Robyn's enduring power. Then, at the 2010 VMAs, he premieres "Runaway" — his intoxicating, intricate, instantly iconic "toast for the douchebags." / F--- that, get money"). "Fallingwater" is the Clefable to "Alaska's" Clefairy (Rogers would definitely be a rare fairy-type Pokémon that thrives in the moonlight, right?). Joe McElderry was the first artist to top the chart in the decade, when " The Climb " replaced " Killing in the Name " by Rage Against the Machine . "Ultralight Beam" was its halo. "This song captures the pop presence of the early 2010s, when party music was taking over." "Track 10" would eventually become her polished, Lizzo-featuring single "Blame It on Your Love," but in its rough original form, we get a peek into Charli's process — which is to say, the process of one of this generation's most forward-thinking singer-songwriter-producers. It says a lot that in the midst of "Ultralight Beam," which boasts some of West's best production to date, he decided to hand the mic to Chance the Rapper. Swift herself is particularly proud of the production on "Out Of The Woods.". 9 on its list of the century's best songs: "Maybe the greatest striver's anthem of our modern era was written in half an hour by a 15-year-old in Auckland, New Zealand — perfectly reasonable, since no one views the world's absurd unfairness, or their own rights within in it, with greater clarity than a 15-year-old, especially one situated 8,800 miles from Wall Street and the heart of pop-culture imperialism.". Everything else melts away. The 2010s saw artists refresh and revive songs that we never thought needed improvement. Our 113 best songs of the 2010s are ranked below, in descending order. "Norf Norf" thrives on this duality: a sleek delivery of clever lines that glide on the surface of a tense, twitchy atmosphere. "XO Tour Llif3" is arguably the defining song of SoundCloud rap and its stratospheric rise this decade. "Blank Space," for example, was an ingeniously satirical script-flip that plays an essential role in Swift's catalog. But if Drake has one, we all know it's "Hotline Bling.". The defining tracks of the decade, starring Robyn, Drake, Vampire Weekend, Daft Punk, SZA, and many more. ", co-producer Fernando Garibay told Billboard, best understood by fans of HBO's "The Leftovers,", some people thought it was recorded by two different singers, a young Justin Timberlake's trance-infused R&B and modern, glittering synths, were uploaded to YouTube under the username "xoxxxoooxo", left her "paranoid" and "feeling powerless. Instead, Grande channeled her momentum — operating within the brightest spotlight of her career — to craft something that felt more like a philosophical statement. But then, the chorus comes back around, and he's convinced to "turn it up a notch.". Its power is self-evident. 100 Best Songs of the 2000s From Beyonce and Lady Gaga to Radiohead and Kanye West, these are the best songs … Hear (most of) these 150 songs on our Spotify playlist. "Ni**as in Paris" is a pure banger from two legends at the top of their games — and it becomes even more legendary when you realize that, not only have West and Jay-Z severed communication, at least one of them appears to have lost the roadmap to return to his zone. "Midnight City" conjures feelings of youthful nostalgia with the very first listen, but eight years later, those feelings are beautifully compounded by actual nostalgia; somehow, it sounds like all the best moments of 2011. "Ribs" is a singularly unique song that transports you back to high school — but not in the way that popular music from your adolescence is connected to specific memories. 1 hits, nominated for record of the year at the 2019 Grammys, he built the track using lines from real-life conversations, arguments, and text messages, Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone's resident Taylor Swift expert) wrote, Disclosure felt sure it wouldn't be well-received, one of the most successful singles of all time, "Chanel" was intended as an ode to bisexuality, Austin Williams wrote for The Undefeated after its surprise release, "Despacito" broke the dam holding reggaetón back, the first-ever on YouTube to pass 3 billion views, still has more views than any YouTube video in history, the words of legendary Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, Lorde once wrote of "Antidote" on Twitter, Pitchfork's Ryan Dombal wrote at the time, a small but important moment in American history, "maybe the closest thing to pop perfection i've ever heard. Before every pop star was rushing to pander to LGBTQ fans, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" wasn't a case of coy queer-baiting: It was a confident and technicolor rallying cry, arguably lightyears ahead of its time. Barbadian artist Rihanna has had the most songs top the Hot 100 in the 2010s (nine), has … "Dance Yrself Clean" is a sprawling tour de force that somehow remains captivating for nearly nine straight minutes. Shares (Image credit: Future) Page 1 of 5: The 50 best rock albums of the 2010s: 50-41 The 50 best rock albums of the 2010s: 50-41 The 50 best rock albums of the 2010s: 40-31 The 50 best … It sort of sounds like an arcade video game, and also like the work of a chill David Bowie enthusiast who makes beats in Brooklyn, and also like aliens crash-landing on our planet in a spaceship that resembles a disco ball. Proud of his home, Staples is at ease within this discord, but he doesn't shy away from its costs. — the lead single from his fourth studio album, featuring his friend Anderson .Paak — Miller tapped into a jazzy optimism that heralded his most creative, most fun, and overall best music. The titular lead single from his final album is a 10-minute Baroque masterpiece that resembles little from his legendary catalogue — or, for that matter, little in the history of music. It's not insignificant that "Dancing On My Own," the opening track of her celebrated album "Body Talk," was released in 2010 — the dawn of the decade, earlier than almost every single song on this list. Think back to when "Swimming Pools" first dropped: At some point during a night out, it was all but expected that every person at the party would commune to chant, "Pass out, DRANK! See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. ", the very public relationship drama that preceded its release, to craft something that felt more like a philosophical statement, its connection to the Women to Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia, only saw the fruit of its labor last year, defines the era of feverish social media-fueled obsession, Psy's "Gangnam Style" or Rebecca Black's "Friday. You may not know this song by name, but as soon as that first chord hits, you'll feel a familiar euphoria. Take a ride down Dresden Street as we revisit the Top 10 Eminem Songs of the 2010s. The song hit like a sugar rush with a hint of something harsher — something tart, sharp, and acidic — establishing Minaj as a top-tier rapper as much as an international pop star. “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna (Recovery 2010) Eminem has always had a … Lyrically, Swift has rarely been more in control. After years of singing of love stories based in fantasy and embellishing the details of failed courtships, Swift found a mature groove on this Mazzy Star-esque love song, writing from within a long-term relationship — a place of security and frustration and comfort and understanding and persistent, abiding, I'll-run-away-with-you-if-you-ask passion. Kanye West is still reeling from the death of his beloved mother, and he's essentially in hiding after he crashed the stage at the 2009 VMAs to steal the mic from 19-year-old Taylor Swift. she smirks. For the casual listener, the iconic beat switch reflects a shift from day to night ("New beginnings, wake up akh / The sun's goin' down," Ocean sings just beforehand). Generally, Grande's futuristic-angel album is best heard as a complete experience, with each song playing off and elevating the others. There's a discomfort here, but it's poignant and vivid and keeps you coming back for more, like a masochistic teenage romance. ", Of course, "Swimming Pools" doesn't actually encourage its listeners to drink, but rather warns them not to. by rockgolf Plays Quiz Updated Jan 14, 2020 . The song was a harsh critique of an opulent world — a world that this very song, which became a No. You can listen to the songs on Spotify here. © Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Songs about love gone wrong remained a pop staple in the 2010s: All the decade’s technological advances didn’t do much for romance, when all was said and done. As the 2010s draw to a close, Pandora has highlighted the top songs of the decade. As an exquisite blend of tropical pop and R&B (with a last-minute, climactic swerve into punk-rock territory), it's both a product of its genre-bending era and a timeless, sexy slow burn. Music Quiz / Best Songs of the 2010s (Sporcle's Choice) Random Music or Artist Quiz Can you name the acts that performed the best songs of each year in the 2010s, as selected by Sporcle players? He raps over a luscious, sparkling chord progression, while employing his characteristic wit — and even reveling in a bit of Odd Future-era shock value — without hiding behind "characters" or disingenuity. Think of everything you want a pop song to be. Whether "Chanel" was intended as an ode to bisexuality or not, Frank Ocean's first solo single as an independent artist was a massively earned flex. Although the past half-decade was brimming with memorable hits, these 20 defined the last five years the best, and will endure through the second half of … His 2013 sophomore album "Because the Internet" was met with mixed reviews, and Glover's initial career as a goofy comic still made it difficult for self-proclaimed "serious rap fans" to take his alter-ego seriously — that is, until "Redbone. In under a year's time, Bieber went from the irresponsible, immature poster child for white boy nonsense to pop music's savior. "The chorus of 'Track 10' consumes and consumes, until it ends, and the listener can't remember living in a world before they heard it. "Formation" is the most boundary-pushing and culture-altering anthem from an artist who is routinely described in those terms. "'Malamente' marked the arrival of one of the decade's most remarkable — and unexpected — talents," Philip Sherburne wrote for Pitchfork. The pulsing two-part showpiece heralded a new dimension to our most private superstar, who had created her most personal album yet. It’s been a good decade. ", a timeless love song that will surely outlive his meme-able legacy, cementing her permanent mark on culture that now extends far beyond music, typically used by men in sexist revenge fantasies, "For those who stan a Swift closing number, 'Clean' is the holy grail,", pop mastermind Max Martin called it a case of "incorrect songwriting. Account active The Man's surprise smash, with its funky melody and falsetto chorus, hinges on a retro-pop vibe — but it's not shallow catchy, like previous pop-rock crossover hits that quickly grew tired (Fun's "We Are Young" comes to mind). This part is the most important: You don't need to know where Ocean went to school to appreciate the song. In the years since the song's debut, quietly nestled at track No. The song was beloved by critics, and even went on to win two Grammy awards for best pop duo/group performance … For many of us who listened in awe — fascinated by this anonymous voice who promised, "You wanna be high for this" — that magic won't likely be recaptured. It captivated the world — and judging by the number of hopeful copycats that have popped up in the years since (Latin pop hits now regularly feature everyone from Beyoncé and Drake to Selena Gomez), it's not done yet. "I wouldn't call it cheesy, but it's not trying to be too cool, because the lyrics are pretty dorky and the groove is pretty dorky. "'Missing U' is a song about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear. In 2018, Rolling Stone ranked "Royals" as No. All the while, those kaleidoscopic emotions are woven together with glittering synths and rippling melodies. The beauty of Sky Ferreira's defining hit "Everything Is Embarrassing" is its eternal relatability. Banks makes "212" feel smooth and cohesive because even as she shape-shifts, she coaxes you along with her. The top 2010's hits are a good start to making sure your wedding, party, or special event has the best music for dancing. There she is in that stark landscape, moving with her own gravity: The first pop star on the moon.". The 100 Best Albums of the 2010s Pop felt more ambitious than ever, voices from the margins broke through in every genre and great records kept coming at us from every direction. She probably did just want attention. If "No Tears Left to Cry" was Ariana Grande's triumphant comeback single, confirming that she hadn't lost her optimism or range in the face of trauma, "God Is a Woman" let us know that we actually had it all wrong. This, however, is indeed one of those times. 1 hits, as well as the first female artist with multiple No. and repackaged them with his own flavor added. "This Is America" wouldn't have become the phenomenon it is without its absolutely genius music video and painfully relevant timing. You don't need to spare one thought about any of this. She adopts more of a playful eye-roll. Without Robyn, there is no Carly Rae Jepsen, no Charli XCX, no Lorde. If there was anyone left pretending to forget that Rihanna calls the shots, "B---- Better Have My Money" made that species extinct. Amongst the noise, a teenager quietly made "Royals" available for free online, its gleaming vocal harmonies strung together with a defiantly, arrogantly simple beat. Hot Rap Songs is a record chart published by the music industry magazine Billboard that ranks the most popular hip hop songs in the United States.