I contacted support and Cristine from super 73 contacted me shortly after I emailed them. Ride comfortably at 25kph and safely with our fat tires. I contacted support and Cristine from super 73 contacted me shortly after I emailed them. Its natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat make it a pleasure to ride. The moped has a removable lithium battery for a driving range of 50 miles. This product is currently out of stock, but you can still pre-order it. NO PAYPAL NO TEST RIDES This super 73 SG1 comes with all extras you could possibly get for the Super73 bigger seat , us controller allowing you to ride 40 kms per hour and not be restricted to 25kms Comes with side mirror Bike lock and helmet Only serious buyers only if you think it’s to much for a bike than you have no idea what your looking at. HAPPY 2021 - We're back in action! With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 60-70km for the charge. The SG1 is designed for the European market. The moped has a strong cargo rack that can be upgraded to an extended seat. To see what is covered by the manufacturer warranty, please click on the relevant link. The Super 73® SG1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike.With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 55-65 kms to the charge. All Super73 SG1 bikes for Europe and Australia are tested and certified by an accredited and globally known third party laboratory.Certication: EN 15194:2009+A1:2011Type: pedelec / electrically power assisted cyclesDefinition: Pedal cycles with pedal assistance are cycles equipped with an auxiliary electric motor having a maximum continuous rated power of less than or equal to 250 W, where the output of the motor is cut off when the cyclist stops pedaling and is otherwise progressively reduced and finally cut off before the vehicle speed reaches 25 km/h. Designed in Southern California, the Super73 range has a laid back vibe with a nod to motorcycles of old. Sadly this one had an issue. Due to the bigger battery on the SG1, it comes with a faster charger (5A), opposed to the SG which comes with a 2A charger. - SG1 has double the battery size of the ZG, so 60-70km range- SG1 has hydraulic brakes which require less maintenance- SG1 has fenders (or mud flaps in Australian)- SG1 comes with headlight and active brake light- SG1 has a removable battery. Super 73. The Super73 is a mix between a motorbike and electric bike. Some companies have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years with their own interpretations of the 70’s minibike design including the HopMod eBike and Luna Banana . Pre-orders assist BB in financing the importation of pre-ordered products. But it's very nice and I'm getting 37 km/h top speed now. The SG1 comes out of the box with them as standard, but if you’re opting for the SG, … Depending on the size and type of the product being ordered, the flat rate will vary. Add to cart. Home to the Original Super73® Electric Motorbike, the Super73® S-Series and the Super73® Z-Series. - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne: 1-2 working days. The versatile street legal vehicle can be ridden on most bike paths and public roads without a license, insurance or registration. Super73 ZG and SG1 are high performance, long range-electric motorbikes. With no license or registration needed, this Super 73 is our most superior bike yet. We recommend to lock battery in place while riding, to secure it properly, and avoid theft. Read more.. Make a choice: * Add to ... SG and SG1 models. Current Order Status: Out of Stock. I had to install a new controller and display to make it work. Fabian Morelli Customer. The moped has a strong cargo rack that can be upgraded to an extended seat. I bought a Z1 in April and had a wonderful time Riding it around. The SG1 has a 250 watt electric motor for a top speed of 16 mph. However, given the speed at which some courier companies operate, there is a very small risk that a product may get damaged on route. Be in the know! With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 60-70km for the charge. This means that in the unlikely event of a defect effecting the product performance, BB will either; replace the product, refund part or all of the value to account for the issue or repair the product. The SG1 is designed for the European market. Warranties are not transferable to second owners, unless agreed in writing with BB prior to the second hand sale. Designed completely from the ground-up, the R-Series debuts SUPER73’s most powerful and technologically advanced drive system. With no license or registration needed, these bikes have an average battery range of 30-70km for the charge. Super 73 SG1 EBike! Smart Display: A transflective monochromatic LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect and control their bike with the Super73 app. A comfy riding position, plush motorcycle seat and 4" wide fat tyres means you can handle sand, snow, mud and the urban streets with ease. The Super73 SG1 is a unique, life-changing and practical gift for anyone. Accessories; e.g. What the Super73 SG1 makes so special is its strength, battery range and looks. Your product will need to be in brand new condition and unused, so that we can resell it. Evolve need to approve all refunds or replacements. Place looks really nice and the staff is great. Repairs can be organised through our network of authorised repairers, please contact BB for assistance. The Original Super 73 SG1 Ebike with a 250w rear hub motor giving a 25-40 mile range. You will need to bring your bike during the specified time to get it serviced for free. €599,00 Incl. wheels, helmets, remotes, leashes, Bulky parts; e.g. With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 35-40 miles to the charge. Any customization or alterations to the board, mechanical parts, or electronics will void your warranty and likely cause the board to be completely inoperable, so alter at your own risk. This means that once the delivery driver has left the goods at the delivery address, the customer then owns and accepts responsibility for the goods.PLEASE NOTE: If a customer has asked for goods to be delivered “to the rear of the house” for example, this constitutes as Authority to Leave. Fabian Morelli Customer. The Super73 SG1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. If this occurs, we will replace your product as soon as possible or provide credit for another similar product. Delivery costs vary from country to country. Featuring multi-class ride modes, aluminum alloy frame, and fully adjustable suspension. In beiden Varianten unterstützt Sie ein 250 Watt Moto r beim Treten zu einer maximalen Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 25 km/h , ohne dabei an die vorgegebenen EU-Richtlinien zu verstoßen. BB will consult with customer to identify the best outcome for both parties.This warranty does not apply to any paddle board or surfboard that has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident (i.e. Defects caused by tampering or unauthorized alterations or repairs are not covered by this warranty.If the paddle board or surfboard is still under warranty and for some reason something breaks or simply stops working, we will pay for the repair or replace the part in question. Doté d’unebatterie plus puissante, il vous emmènera loin, très loin avec ses 85-90kilomètres d’autonomie. Please note:– Throttle is NOT included on EN 15194 compliant bikes.– Customers are not able to modify the max speed of bikes on their own.– Adding a throttle would negate the street legality of product and restrict them to private property use. Members. They are busy cranking out the Super 73s. So you can leave your bike parked outside, while your battery is recharging inside your office, home, or apartment. Product Specification Super73 App Ready: Super73’s new generation of electric motorbikes come with an electronics suite that pairs with iOS and Android devices through the new Super73 mobile app. It comes equipped with a comfortable motorbike bike seat, a heavy duty kick stand, removable battery for easy charging, and off-road tires for super traction. We've learnt over the years that some couriers perform better in different states and regions. Le Super 73 SG1 est notre vélo haut de gamme. Il est équipé en série de freins … Place looks really nice and the staff is great. Ride comfortably at 25kph and safely with our 20″x4″ fat tires. Test rides availableMon-Fri: 9am to 5pmSat: 10am to 4pm. My European Super 73 bike now goes beyond the 25 km/h limit and works with a throttle. Complete with a powerful … 「Super 73」は、自転車の乗りやすさに加え、バイク独特の感覚とその頑丈さを組み合わせ、道を選ばずに乗ることができる新しい電動アシスト自転車です。 Evolve need to inspect the returned product before any refund or replacement decision can be made. The moped has a removable lithium battery for a driving range of 80 km. We currently only deliver bulky items such as bikes, skateboards and paddle boards to Australia & Tasmania. Warranties on skateboards and Onewheel's are not transferable to second owners, unless agreed in writing with BB prior to the second hand sale. The S-Series is SUPER73’s iconic multi-purpose urban electric motorbike. Come out and meet up with the crew, ride, and check out the new bikes! These are sold out most places and really hard to get hold of. The SG1 has a 250 watt electric motor for a top speed of 25 km/h. BB maintain ownership and responsibility of the products until they are delivered to the requested delivery address. You can enjoy Sydney same-day delivery for an extra fee if you place your order before 12pm. Use any heavy duty bike lock or scooter lock for your bike. The first official Super 73 Ride will be Sunday, February 9. The Super 73® SG1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. Super73 battery with 8,8Ah or 14,5Ah for the S, S1, SG and SG1 models. The SG1 is designed for the European market. How to report damaged items; simply send us photos of the product damage and the photos of the outside of the box within 24hrs, so we have all the information needed to make a claim with the courier on time. The world's coolest ebike. The Super 73, a minimalist electric bike that resembles a small motorcycle, started at about $2,000 (with a retail price of $3,000), which is much pricier than more practical e-bikes. tax. All SG1's ebikes available from January 2021. You won’t need to wait long between rides. In Australia the warranty on manufacturing faults is 12 months from purchase date and we adopt the following warranty and return conditions from Super73: https://super73.com/pages/return-policy. In stock. The SG1 was designed from the outset to look cool taking its design cues from the old-school Sports Mopeds of the 1970s as well as the early days of motocross with a stripped back and rugged look. €599,00. 6. Ride comfortably at 25kph and safely with our 20″x4″ fat tires. V Evropské unii je registrován jako pedelec podle normy EN 15194 - je to tedy elektrokolo, kde je šlapání doplněno o pomoc elektrického motoru. You need to progress to the checkout page, so the system knows your destination and the products on order for pricing calculation. VOICI LE VÉLO ÉLECTRIQUE SUPER 73 SG1 BLANC, AVEC UN STYLEET UNE ALLURE INIMITABLE. Mad Dogs & Englishmen SW Corner of Ocean Ave and Mission Street., Facing Red Eagle Lane, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923 Certification includes compliance with:– General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC– RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC– Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery with complete technical file of product– EC declaration of conformity– CE marking visibly axed on pedelec, indelibly, right near manufacturer name or rep– Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30– Low voltage Directive– Battery Directive 2006/66/EC. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Every Dot Skateboard product automatically comes with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.Bearings, wheels, and grip tape are normal wear and tear items and are not covered under warranty. Love my Super 73! Super 73 Super73 Battery. The battery is of the same type as the batteries in the latest Tesla cars. 1.2k. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. http://www.evolveskateboards.com.au/pages/store-policies. 3. Everything about the SG1 (the G means Global) screams quality from the frame (mine’s black) but you can also get it in white, army green and desert tan. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. The R-Series is SUPER73’s new flagship line of electric motorbikes for 2020. All merchandise must be shipped via a professional freight agent and the package must have the board owners details on it. BB are so certain you’ll love your new board, that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee! The Super73 SG1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 60-70km for the charge. riding into rocks, dropping off a car, driving over, leaving out in the hot sun for days at a time, etc). Klarna Financing Now Available On All Models! The compact frame and 500 watt internal hub motor is an excellent vehicle for anyone wanting the feel of a SUPER73 in a smaller package. Change of mind refunds can only be accommodated once the pre-ordered products have arrived at BB for processing in Australia. High strand count discharge cable with Teflon insulation for heat resistance, Battery locks into mount and includes 2 keys, Removes quickly from rack for charging away from the bike, High Current (40A) BMS to protect from overcharge and over discharge, Includes solid state 5 Ah charger (110-220V). Continue browsing in r/Super73. NB: The model name “SG1” refers to the ‘Global’ version of the S1 Series. If the product being returned to BB differs from what was sent or shows any signs of use BB will advise the customer and refund only the market value of the product.PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased our board through a retailer, not directly through Ben Buckler Boards, you will need to consult the place of purchase for their return policy. Battery powered products will always have to travel by road and rail with StarTrack as they will be classed as dangerous goods. Pack your gym bag, box of tools, and you’re set from morning to night. No Throttle (as per by Australian law), but throttle can be added as an accessory, for private property use only. 22. The Super 73 Scout S1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. The SG1 has a 250 watt electric motor for a top speed of 25 km/h. UN CROISEMENT ENTRE UNE MOTO SCRAMBLER ET UN VÉLO,AVEC TOUS LES AVANTAGES ET AUCUN INCONVÉNIENT. 1 comment. - Perth & Rest of Australia: 3-5 working days. We cannot authorise refunds on behalf of our retailers, but we will of course do everything we can to assist you.When returning products, please include all factory packaging and accessories in the same way you received them. The battery is of the same type as the batteries in the latest Tesla cars. Any amount of water has the potential to damage the board, and water damage is not covered under warranty. With the Super 73 you get a fun look, a control system that most people can figure out and enjoy, and a single size that’s fairly versatile because of the long banana seat. The Super73 SG1 is a powerful bike with retro motorbike looks. Orders are mostly sent with AusPost and StarTrack, then occationally TNT, Direct Freight and Fastway, depending on your location. BB warrants the following products, as per the manufacturer warranty, linked to below. happy I purchased. Update: I did it. All orders are picked and packed within 1-2 working days (delays can occur during busy periods). Most pre-orders for large items will be at a discount, so customers get the benefit of ordering early. Super73 electric bikes combine heritage design with modern performance to deliver one of the most exciting electric bike ranges anywhere in the world. The SUPER73-Z1 is a friendly entry-level electric motorbike that packs a punch. All stand up paddle boards and surfboards are covered by a 12 month warranty.BB warrants to the original customer that our BB product shall be free from all defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you feel that your pre-order jeopardises your ability to continue to pay living costs while you wait for your product to arrive, we strongly recommend you do not pre-order our products. The freight must be paid by the board owner.BB adheres to and supports the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) laws and guidelines in Australia.© Ben Buckler Boards Pty Ltd 2020. Subscribe for our newsletter. The moped has a strong cargo rack that can be upgraded to an extended seat. Love my Super 73! The battery is of the same type as the batteries in the latest Tesla cars. Only available in the European Union and Australia, it is certified per EN 15194 as an Electric Pedal Assist Cycle (EPAC), class 1 performance and motor of 250 watts continuous rated power. Free delivery for many products! Accessories and non-batteries can usually go by air with AusPost Express. This neighborhood explorer is perfect for getting around town. I created a simple bracket to allow me to mount my original Super 73 headlight onto my replacement handle bars. All stand up paddle boards, skateboards and bikes are all wrapped in bubble wrap and extra cardboard protection, then inserted into a strong cardboard box and taped up with fragile tape. happy I purchased. Pre-order now to secure yours! The adventure is yours on a Super73! Super 73® SG - ONE DEMO Model Only available in our Store in Long street please enquire. From Southern California since May 2016. https://www.exwayboard.com/pages/faq-warranty-coverage. Battery powered products require dangerous goods shipping for example, so are more expensive to send as they require specialist handling. Because of the powerful electric motor the Super73 reach within a few seconds the speed of 25 km/h. Super 73. Community of Super 73 riders sharing experiences, advice, tips, and mods. Insgesamt legen Sie mit dem Super 73 SG1 E-Bike eine Strecke von 60-70 km zurück und können die Batterie innerhalb von nur 3-4 Stunden vollends aufladen. save hide report. I bought a Z1 in April and had a wonderful time Riding it around. It's official: our Super73-SG and SG1 bikes are out of stock and will no longer be sold in Europe. Battery comes with a set of two keys for locking in the battery. Super73 Battery. Description Super73 - SG1 Black. Ride comfortably at Class 2 performance and safely with our 20"x4" fat tires.